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Buying a Voucher / Booking Options

Simply decide which ONE of the following THREE options best suits you:

1 - Choose an "Email Voucher" - Ideal if its for you, its free and it's quicker to receive than a printed voucher.

There is no extra cost in selecting to receive the voucher by email. The voucher looks exactly the same as the "Printed Voucher", but in electronic format. You should receive the Email Voucher within 48 hours from the date of purchase.

2 - Choose a "Printed Voucher" - Ideal if you want to use the Voucher as a gift.

The voucher will be sent using 1st Class post and you should receive this within 3-5 days from the date of booking. The voucher contains all the relevant information you need.

Vouchers (& E-Vouchers) can be personalised with your own message, making them ideal gifts for Birthday's, Anniversary's, Valentines Day, Christmas or other special occasions. The Voucher doesn’t show the price paid (see your invoice for this), therefore the recipient of the gift won’t know how much you have spent on them.

3 - Choose to "Book It Now" - Ideal if you want to Book the Supercar straight away.

This means you can book the car straight away without using a Voucher. Please follow the instructions through to the "Order Success / Thank you" page. At this point you can then confirm hire dates and let us know any other requirements.

Normally we need at least 3-4 weeks notice to ensure availability. Please consider this when placing your online order. If in doubt, call our Customer Service Centre on 0845 60 22 113.

Got a Voucher – Book Experience Now

If you already have a Supercar Experience Voucher (includes Open Vouchers) and would like to book a date for your experience, please click on “Got a Voucher – Book Now” and follow the instructions. Make sure you have your voucher to hand.


Your personalised, digitally printed gift voucher will be sent in plain packaging. We charge a standard fee of £10.49 P&P. Royal Mail First-Class Post will normally send it to UK addresses within two to three working days of receipt of payment. Alternatively you may use our free email service, where your voucher can be sent to you by email. We recommend if it’s a last minute purchase either for you or as a present for someone, request the voucher by email.

Please call us for information on delivery overseas.

We can send the Gift Voucher to you, directly to your recipient, or to another address at your request. If your Gift Voucher goes astray in the post we will provide a duplicate for an additional charge of £10.49. Please inform us as soon as possible if you believe this has happened so we can do our best to deliver the duplicate pack in time.

Our Description of Experiences

The information provided by Supercar Experiences on each experience is correct at the time of being published on the website. However, the content or format of experiences may change slightly during the year. Details of each experience are available from our Customer Experience Centre on 0845 60 22 113 at any time and are included on the gift voucher and in your booking confirmation. Your participation is conditional on your acceptance of the experience description detailed in your booking confirmation.

Pictures of our Experiences

The majority of pictures used show actual cars. Some pictures are used in promotional areas to illustrate experiences, particularly those that take place at more than one location, are used as an illustration only. The vehicles and settings at each venue do vary.

Experience Locations

The Supercar Experiences network of experience companies includes many of the UK's best experience locations. We are always adding to the locations we offer, but occasionally we may need to withdraw venues featured here for reasons beyond our control. If your chosen location is withdrawn, you will be offered alternative venues wherever possible, but please note this is likely to be at a different location or with a different experience company. Where locations are stated as 'UK wide', locations may be limited in remote areas. Each venue has its own terms and conditions and your participation is conditional on your acceptance of these. As part of any purchase on this website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Experience Session Length / Hire Time

It is important that you arrive early before your experience starts and that you return on time as agreed. Please note late return of cars may incur additional charges.


All experiences are offered subject to availability. The most recent information on dates when an experience is available may be found on our website or by calling our Customer Experience Centre on 0845 60 22 113. You should make bookings at least 4-6 weeks in advance and further for peak dates such as weekends or holiday periods. Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation in writing from us. For some experiences we may ask you to return the original voucher to us before we can confirm your booking. You should not make any arrangements in connection with the experience until you have received your booking confirmation.


Certain experiences are subject to minimum or maximum requirements, e.g. age, health or weight. We will confirm with you at the time of booking if any restrictions apply to the participant. Once booked, you may be liable for charges if you have to cancel because the minimum requirements are not met. All details are included on your gift voucher and we ask you to read this carefully as soon as you receive it and make sure all details are correct.

The Weather

Many Supercar Experiences are dependent on the weather and we will advise you if you need to call to check the weather before setting out. If your event is cancelled due to the weather you will be able to rebook, but your rebooked experience remains subject to weather conditions.

Last Minute Deals / Bookings

Supercar Experiences often has late availability for experiences at special prices, and bookings for these can generally be made right up until the 48 hours before the experience date. For these bookings, we will provide essential details over the phone, as we cannot guarantee that details of the experience will arrive in time for your experience. Experiences bought under these conditions cannot be refunded or exchanged. Dates for an experience bought under these conditions, once booked, cannot be changed.

Xmas / New Year

Last order dates, delivery times, opening hours and courier charges change over the Christmas and New Year period.

Mechanical Breakdown, Illness

Where specific vehicles or celebrities are featured, and in the event of mechanical breakdown or illness, we reserve the right to make reasonable substitutions on the day. If this is not possible we reserve the right to cancel the event at short notice.

Voucher Conditions

All Supercar Experience packs contain a voucher, which is evidence of a payment for a given experience. Except as specified herein the payment is non-refundable. Each voucher will show both the voucher reference and the voucher passcode. This info must be quoted when dealing with Supercar Experiences and will be used to identify your payment. Vouchers and the associated reference numbers must be kept safely and securely. Supercar Experiences will take no responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of impersonation or identity fraud.

The voucher expiry date will be detailed in your gift pack and will be valid for 9 months from the date of purchase. Please note that the experience must be booked and used within the 9 month period.

a) Experience Vouchers

Experience Vouchers allow the recipient to choose from a selection of experiences. Please note that the selection detailed at the time of purchase may change from time to time.  Specific Experience Vouchers are non-transferable.
We will do our best to notify you as soon as possible and do everything we can to offer you an alternative date or time. We regret that in these circumstances we cannot offer a refund on any expenses you may incur in relation to the cancelled experience. Refunds are always made to the person who purchased the experience, and if originally purchased by credit card, the refund will be credited to the same card. If the card has expired you will need to request a refund in writing, quoting details of a new credit card. 

When a choice of experience is made the payment associated with the experience voucher will be applied to the purchase of the specific selected experience. New reference numbers will be issued to you and must be used in future dealings with the company. A new experience pack will only be issued to you if specifically required. The company reserves the right to make additional charges for the costs of issuing a new voucher. In any event the new reference numbers will be quoted on booking letters and other communications to you from the company when relevant.

b) Refunds and Cancellations

We are happy to make refunds on un-booked experiences bought direct from Supercar Experiences within 28 days of purchase, minus a 15% administration charge (being a minimum charge of £50 and a maximum charge of £100). Changing a booked date amounts to a cancellation, so once your booking has been made you may incur cancellation charges if you have to re-book. Supercar Experiences does not accept re-bookings or cancellations within 28 days of a booked experience. Cancellation policies vary from venue to venue. Sometimes we have to cancel an experience for reasons beyond our control, e.g. the weather or mechanical breakdown.

Prices include VAT and are correct at the time of print, but we reserve the right to increase the price of any experience without notice. You will be notified of any price increase before you place your order.

While we take every care in choosing our suppliers, inclusion of an experience in our range does not mean that we guarantee the safety standards or satisfactory performance of any of the experience companies.

Supercar Experiences' liability for any claim of breach of obligation regarding any single voucher or experience shall not exceed the price of that experience. This excludes claims arising from personal injury or death due to the negligence of Supercar Experiences or anyone for whom we are responsible.

The text, illustrations and pictures used in all Supercar Experiences promotional literature are protected by copyright and must not be copied in whole or in part without the express permission of Supercar Experiences Ltd.

All the above terms and conditions apply as a condition of using any voucher, whether or not the voucher holder is the original purchaser. Supercar Experiences reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without reference to customers.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a problem or complaint on the day, please bring it to the attention of the supplier or telephone Supercar Experiences on 0845 60 22 113 as soon as possible so they / we have a chance to put matters right. In general, we consider it unreasonable if you take no action during an experience, but then write a letter of complaint at a later date.

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