Client shares his supercar experiences over the past 10 years…

Out of the blue one of our best clients mentioned to us that it has been 10 years since he first hired from us. Then we received this really nice email with pictures of the cars and his son growing up over the years. So….we thought it would be good to share this on our blog. Big thanks to Ashley Morgan for being a great client (2007 to 2017) and hopefully for many more years to come!!

It all started at Christmas 2007/8 when I hired the 360, had a months holiday before starting a new role in Ireland. Apart from the thrill of having the 360 to drive and take my sons friends out in. I’ll always remember Mon 7th Jan, it was Sam’s first day back at school I dropped him off in the 360 before having to return the car. Whilst you were checking the 360, I was admiring the bright Yellow Gallardo on your drive. That afternoon I picked Sam up from school in the Gallardo, his friends were well impressed 🙂

 As ardent ManU fans and Season ticket holders, Sams dream was to drive to Old Trafford in a Ferrari, which we did the following year traveling up to Old Trafford for a Champions League game.

Having worked in Ireland for the past 10 years Mon-Fri, Sam and I have hired cars every year since over the Christmas holidays (apart from the couple years we went skiing in Colorado). Cars have included Ferrari 360, 430, California and 458 as well as the Lamborgini Gallardo and Spider. I am really looking forward to having the Huracan this Christmas and the Mclaren 570S at some point in 2018.

In December 2015 when Sam was 21, we hired the 458 for a road trip around the UK, visiting many locations on our way to Old Trafford for the Chelsea game on the 28th Dec, the following day before driving through wales and back across the (love the A446) Severn bridge, before heading south west to my home town Plymouth to visiting family and old school friends. Then exploring the South coast on our way home to Hampshire. Sam would love our next road trip to include the Nurburgring Ring!. 

 Many other memories include :

  • Frequently being asked to rev the engine and racing white van man from the lights
  • Visiting car show rooms in a Ferrari or Lambo gets you ViP treatment, have test drove and had on loan many cars Aston Martins, Audi R8, Maserati GranTurismo,  Nissan GTR, Porsche’s, Range Rover, …
  • Getting prime parking spots, eg local Four Seasons, Bicester Shopping village, …
  • Getting parking ticket as the car spanned more than one space (got it refunded)
  • 360 breaking down at J21A on the roundabout and getting a lot of stick from other driver
  • Sam now at work but often take neighbours children to school
  • Tourists constantly taking your picture when driving through central London (Sam used to be embarrassed, but now secretly loves it)
  • Nervous when having to park outside overnight or in car parks

 Sam can’t wait until his 28th birthday when he can hire a car.

 Hiring a car has enabled quality father and son time and provided many excellent memories. Thank you to everyone at Supercar Experiences for all these priceless moments and hopefully many more!!