Supercar Experiences – Monaco Grand Prix 2014


Grand Prix season is upon us again, and we here at Supercar Experiences are anticipating another fascinating season of racing ahead. Formula 1 always gives us the opportunity to see some of the latest developments in technology around the industry and nothing can be more exciting than hearing the roar of the engines of a Ferrari as it speeds round the track. We thought it would be interesting to come up with some key dates and information for the season ahead.

1. The First Grand Prix of the Season – The Australian Grand Prix – 16th March 2014

2. The Monaco Grand Prix – 25th May 2014

3. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone – 6th July 2014

4. 23rd November – The final race of the season in Dubai

5. The Russian Grand Prix will be held at Sochi – home of the winter olympics – on 12th October 2014

6. There will be an Austrian Grand Prix meet for the first time in 10 years

7. Felipe Massa has moved from Ferrari and will be racing for Williams this year

8. Mark Webber retired last season and will not be racing this year

9. 11 teams, and 22 drivers will be competing this year

10. There will be 19 weekends of racing

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