European McLaren Tour

European McLaren Tour

Supercar Experiences were very proud to be the chosen supplier for 8 McLaren’s on behalf of McLaren Indonesia for an epic 6 day tour around Europe.

Unlike Lamborghini or Ferrari, finding just 8 McLaren’s in the UK was a tall ask but something we managed to do thanks to years of working with other companies and having great relationships with them.

With our McLaren’s and the suppliers cars all here at our HQ, we set about prepping them all ready for the 1600 mile tour which also included McLaren Indonesia stickers around the car.


Cars coming in and being prepped throughout the day and by the end of the day, all 8 were ready to be transported over to Amsterdam for the start of the tour.

The following morning both trucks arrived for collection at 8am so all 8 were loaded up and off they went to Amsterdam.



Later that day (around 8pm) all the cars were delivered to Restaurant Partycentrum De Molen in Ankeveen where the 16 drivers would start their journey from the following morning.




The next day, we carried out all of the handovers and final inspections with the drivers and they left to drive through 6 countries and 1,600 miles including some very nice alpine roads and autobahn’s until they got to their final destination of McLaren HQ in Woking.



If you’re looking to arrange something similar to this then please get in touch with us.