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Aero 8
Aero 8

Morgan Hire

Old fashioned it may be, but the Morgan Plus 8 (+8) must rank as one of the world’s greatest cars. Elegant yet electrifying, it marries disparate elements like no other car.


Rent a Morgan


Morgan is thoroughly British and all of the materials and components Morgan uses come from local British companies; this is for the sake of tradition rather than for the sake of trends. Morgan cars are the very definition of hand-crafted and other than wiring, there’s virtually no plastic in or on any of Morgan’s cars. However, this means that there is an 18-month waiting list for a Morgan 4/4 as the company still produces fewer than 1,000 a year. Peter Morgan has been careful to preserve this attention to detail and we think he is right.

Rent a Morgan with
Supercar Experiences

Supercar Experiences offers Morgan hire of the Plus 8 (+8) model. Built between 1968 and 2004, its instant and enduring popularity has been credited with saving the company. It became so famous that it has been put into production again in revised form ever since 2012.

If you choose to rent a Morgan +8 convertible you will enjoy a timeless driving experience that represents the best of British heritage. For vintage car lovers, prestige car hire doesn’t get any more exciting than this. When the world is full of standardised shoe boxes, it’s cars like the Plus 8 (+8) we will miss the most.

Morgan hire

A Morgan hire is a once in a lifetime driving experience that will get you noticed. This British classic is reliable and exudes personality, class and style.

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