TV / Music Video / Film Supercar Hire

We have 15 years experience supplying supercars for TV, films, adverts, music videos and photo shoots, whether that is direct with the client or the specialist vehicle suppliers in this industry. We have worked a lot with Top Gear, 5th Gear (fun times) and even huge blockbuster films such as Spectre, Transformers, Need for Speed and Murder Mystery. Supercar hire for filming.

If you’re looking to hire a supercar for a music video or rent a couple of Range Rover’s for some film work then we can provide those and many more.

Our most recent film was Murder Mystery where we supplied 3 Ferrari Testarossa’s on behalf of Netflix which included purchasing them, delivering them to Italy and sending a team with them to look after them throughout the filming.

Supercar hire for music videos

Supercar hire for filming

Supercar hire for a photoshoot

These are all our most popular services that we provide cars for.


In 2019 alone. we worked with over 15 music artists and supplied supercars and luxury cars for their music videos.

2 of our McLaren’s can be seen here in Dave’s ‘Funky Friday’ music video.



Below is the trailer for Murder Mystery where we provided 3 Ferrari’s for Netflix.


For more information about our services please fill in our form on the ‘Contact us’ page or call one of our team.

Clients and credits include:
Channel 4
Intersection Magazine
Visit Britain
E! Canada
Tantrum Productions
Oasis Video
HTC Mobile
Top Gear
5th Gear
Jonny English Movie 2017


If you’re looking for a supercar for filming then please get in touch and let us know you’re requirements.


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