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Frequently ask questions

Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions we have compiled over the last 14 years. If you still can’t find an answer to your question(s) then please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch with the Supercar Experiences team.

Once I have hired, what perks do you have for existing customers?

Once you have hired from us and all went well from both sides, you get added to a very exclusive list. Being on this list means you will get weekly last minute email offers. In off peak season some of our clients enjoy monthly deals at massively discounted prices based on mileage rather than number of days. We have a partnership with the UK’s leading hospitality company, so have access to F1 tickets, Salon Prive, exclusive driving tours, car manufacturers tours, hotel packages and so on.

Why choose Supercar Experiences?

  • All cars we own or manage are physical and can be viewed by appointment. Every picture of every car on our website is the car you will hire. All our cars are less than 4 years old and under manufacturers warranty (excluding the ‘Classic’ range).
  • We have been with the same insurer since 2003 and can supply proof of our Commercial Self Drive Hire Insurance Policy if required.
  • You only ever deal with us from start to finish. Our car, our contract, our insurance, our staff.
  • Even if something happens to the car you have booked, you have the peace of mind we will try and replace the car like for like, if not something of similar spec. You will never get this through a broker.
  • All cars will be presented to you fully valeted and in mint condition.
  • Most of our drivers have been with us for over 10 years. They are always early, so not to be late for an agreed delivery / collection time. They know each car like the back of their hand, so you get proper handovers to explain ALL the controls and what to look out for in terms of areas that can be easily damaged i.e. carbon fibre front splitters on an Aston!
  • Complete transparency with security deposits / insurance excess. The most common repair costs are always highlighted on our contracts e.g. alloy wheels, bumpers, wing mirrors, door edges etc, so you know beforehand what things will cost to repair if you do damage the car. Unfortunately, the ‘not so good’ companies out there are the ones to watch in terms of withholding deposits for minor damage costs, so make sure you check that ALL damage is marked down correctly on the contract before signing it. You will be liable for any damage missed we can assure you of that!
  • If in doubt, you can always get free impartial advice from us! AND REMEMBER, hiring a Supercar should be an amazing once in a lifetime experience! Is it worth cutting corners and going with a cheap quote? You do really get what you pay for. Can you really risk your dream turning into a nightmare choosing the wrong company? And unfortunately, its only when problems occur e.g. the car doesn’t turn up, it breaks down, you get the excuse its been ‘crashed’ the day before your hire, you get stopped by the Police for no insurance, you lose your deposit for kerbing an alloy wheel do the pitfalls reveal themselves…and by then though its too late!

What should I look for when choosing a reputable supercar hire company?

Five key questions you should be asking in order to make sure you choose the right company:
1 – Find out how long the company has been trading for. Lots of companies in this industry set up and fail within a year. Always think long and hard before making any booking. Sadly our industry is a hot bed for fraudsters, who set up a fake companies, take your money and simply disappear. We were established in 2003 and have been trading for over 15 years now. The Whois website is a great tool to check when a domain name was registered.
2. Don’t use a broker. Why? Lots of reasons a) they don’t know the car they are supplying to you, b) they don’t care about the quality of the car, c) they are only interested in their commission, d) they pass your personal details and card details on to a 3rd party without your permission, e) you are one step removed from the owner of the car when things go wrong, f) you never really ever know if you are going to get the car you actually booked and g) most are not even based in the UK!
How to check if the company you are talking to is a broker. Ask key questions like colour of the car, interior colour, mileage on the car, condition, what year it is, does it have ipod connection whilst on the phone with them. If they cant answer you’re questions there and then, then it’s likely you are dealing with a broker. If they have a company name like luxuryprestigepreformancesupercarhire.com then normally thats another give away.
We genuinely want everyone to have a good experience hiring a Supercar. At the end of the day, the more positive experiences people have, the more word of mouth is generated and therefore the quality of our whole industry improves which then benefits everyone. Even if you don’t choose us in the end, we have no problem giving you free impartial advice about a potential business you might be going with. Just get in touch.
3 – Check that the company has the correct insurance in place for self drive hire. Any good company in the industry will have a commercial self drive hire policy in place. If they don’t, they may well be using a traders policy (i.e. for buying / selling cars) which ultimately means you wont be covered to drive the car. ALWAYS check this before booking a car. One of the main operating costs for us is insurance. If a car seems too cheap to hire (when compared to the market daily rate) then it should start alarm bells ringing!
4 – Excess deposits. All the best companies in this market will insist on a full security deposit / insurance excess. The ones that offer a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or fee to reduce it down, are just gambling on you not damaging the car. Do you really want to hire a £100,000+ car with a company who operates like that? What else are they gambling on? Safety checks on the cars pre hire, illegal tyres, poor condition / reliability of the car, their service levels to you and so on….
5 – Due diligence. Spend time reviewing the company website and read the terms and conditions of hire in detail. Search on google for company reviews, social media information, last posts. Always get a quote in writing. How quickly do they get back to you? Do you get through to customer services straight away…..all these small things help you paint a picture of the business. A large percentage of our business is hiring for weddings, big birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, so they are all super important ‘one time’ moments. Do you want to risk being let down last minute because you went with a cheap deal with the wrong company? Please read our Testimonials which date back to the very first hire in May 2003!

Can I hire a car for one day on a weekend?

Self drive hire is a minimum Friday to Monday 3 day weekend hire during peak season (April to October). Depending on the details of the hire we can sometimes do a 24hr or 48hr hire in off peak (November to March). If in doubt please contact us.
Chauffeured cars we can do on any day, anytime throughout the year.

Is fuel included with the hire?

No. Fuel is not included. You should return the car to us with the same amount of fuel when the hire started to avoid being charged.

Please explain the security deposit / insurance excess liability?

Like with your own private vehicle insurance policy there is an excess. Our insurance works the same way (its just probably a bit more due to the value of our cars). We transfer this liability to you whilst the car is on hire by taking a security deposit which is normally pre-authorised the day before the hire if we deliver or on the day if you are collecting from us.
On average most of our cars have a £5000 deposit and excess. Higher valued vehicles (worth over £200,000) may have a higher excess of £7000-£10,000, but the deposit we hold will still be £5000. Security deposit / excess information about all our cars can be found once you click ‘Get a Quote’ button on our search box.

What is the cost to add a second or third driver?

The cost to add extra drivers on the contract is £25+vat per day per driver. Maximum number of drivers is 3.

What is a broker and should I trust one to book through?

Increasingly over the last couple of years there has been a growth in companies who look like they have cars to hire out, but in reality don’t have any. They just broker other company’s cars and take a fee. Ultimately, you don’t know who is actually supplying the car, is it insured properly etc. They will pass your details and card information to a 3rd party. You will know this when 2 x payments come off the card, one for the broker and one for the 3rd party supplier. Is it worth the risk?

What is the standard daily inclusive mileage allowance?

100 miles are included per day then its chargeable based on a cost per mile basis. This varies per car.

What is the cost if I want to purchase additional mileage?

This varies depending on which car you choose. Click ‘Get a Quote’ button on the car you want and this information will be displayed on the quote page. You can pre-pay (before the hire takes place) for extra mileage at a discount of 30%. Pre-paid mileage is non refundable if not used. If you are looking at a lot of extra miles i.e. 300+, then we can normally package up a deal. Please contact us for more information.

Where are you located? Can I collect instead of paying for delivery / collection?

We are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Conveniently based 1 minute from the M1 / M25 junction.
Yes, you can collect from us. We even incentivise clients to collect with discounted deals and extra inclusive mileage. Check out our ‘Latest Deals’ section. Here you will find all the latest information about our ‘Pick Up & SaveTM’ deals.

Do you offer a delivery / collection service? If yes, where do you delivery to?

Yes we do. We can deliver cars all over the UK, Europe and internationally. All main UK airports, train stations, cities, hotels, home address, work address, churches, you name it we will deliver your car there.

I have held my driving licence for less than 5 years, can I still hire?

There are a limited number of cars that are available to drive if you have held a UK driving licence for less than 5 years. More the ‘Sports Cars’ rather than Supercars. Please contact our team if in doubt and we can check what you can hire.

I have an international licence, can I still hire?

Yes you can. We have clients from all over the world. International licences accepted as well as country of issue ones.

I have a criminal record, can I still hire?

Yes, however we need to refer this to our insurance company first and ultimately it’s their decision.

I am hiring a car at the airport, where do I meet you on arrival?

Normally, short term parking. Each airport is different, but you will be supplied with our drivers mobile number before you travel. As soon as you land, ring the driver and make a plan from there.

I have more than 6 points, a ban or conviction for no insurance, can I still hire?

We can authorise up to 2 x 3 points. Anything outside of this we have to refer to our insurance company for them to decide. It really is a case by case basis, but we have had bans within 5 years accepted as well as 12 points, so if in doubt please contact the team for more information.

Should I join a Supercar Club versus regular hiring from you?

Only from talking to some of our clients who have experienced a Supercar Club, self drive hire is the better option. You get the car you want on the dates you want it. This seems to be the biggest drawback with clubs (excluding the £20k up front payment). The clients who have migrated back to us, now just give us a list of the cars they want throughout the year and because they are booking multiple cars, we can easily beat the cost of joining a club. Before joining any club please call the team to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to try and beat any club’s annual membership fee.

I am interested in a long term hire, do you offer this?

We do offer this service at very competitive rates. It does depend on dates i.e. more likely to be able to do long term hires from November to April, than peak season summer months. (This is purely down to lack of availability of cars more than anything). Please ring our team for more information.

Can I reduce the security deposit / insurance excess?

No. We do not offer a Collision Damage Waver (CDW). Important note – beware there are companies in the UK that do offer this, but you have to question why this do this? They are just gambling with an insurance excess, as it would be them footing the bill with the insurance company if you had to claim. The good supercar hire companies operating in the UK are the ones that don’t offer CDW.

What are Pick Up & SaveTM deals?

If you are based around a maximum of 50-100 miles away from us in St Albans and you are willing to collect from us, then we have a range of pick up deals which are between 20-30% cheaper than our normal rates and include an extra 100 miles free of charge, which can be worth up to a £600+vat saving. We also have free secure parking for your car if required. Click the ‘Latest Deals’ link at the top of the website for more information.

What if I hired multiple times, do you offer a discount?

We certainly do. The more cars you hire, the greater the discount. It’s best to ring the team to discuss your requirements.

I am thinking about buying a Gift Voucher instead of booking a specific date?

Gift vouchers are ideal for birthday, wedding, anniversary, christmas presents. We also supply vouchers to businesses e.g. staff incentives etc. Vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase. This then gives the recipient the ability to choose when they want to hire. Vouchers can be personalised with your own message and do not disclose the price paid. Vouchers will be emailed to you to print out. Vouchers cannot be extended or transferred.

Do you offer chauffeured cars instead of self drive ones?

We offer both self drive hire vehicles and chauffeured vehicles. They are completely separate fleets.

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is 24hrs. Weekend hire is a minimum 3 days in peak season (April to October). We can do 1 day / 24hr hires on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only. If its on a Thursday then it would have to be Thursday morning to Friday morning.

Are the pictures of the cars on the site actually the car I will have?

Yes. Every single car picture on our website is the actual car you would have.

I am thinking about getting my partner a supercar as a surprise for our wedding / his/her birthday / our anniversary?

Probably around 30% of our clients are booking as a surprise for their partner, so we are really experienced at managing this process. We only ever communicate via email or phone. Nothing is ever posted. The key is knowing where your partners driving licence, passport, 2 x proof of home address and National Insurance number are. If you do know, we have a good shot at keeping it a surprise!

Do the cars come with fully comprehensive insurance?

Yes, all our cars come with fully comprehensive insurance for one driver and is included in our price.

I am under / over the required age limit to drive, can I still hire?

  • Under 25? – It is impossible to get insurance if you are aged under 25. It’s not us, it’s our insurers.
  • For 28+ age limit cars, we can refer down to 27 years 6 months – please contact us to check.
  • For 30+ cars, we can refer 29 years and 6 months and above – please contact us to check.
  • Aged 70+? – We can refer drivers up to 73 – please contact us to check.

Driver ages also applies to additional drivers too.

Aston DB11 Volante
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The DB11 is a well balanced, beautiful looking and sounding V8 convertible GT. Quintessentially English and fantastic value! For the latest DB11 deals CLICK HERE.

Bentley GTC V8 S
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

This GTC is the Mulliner spec with a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8, add 4 seats, pure luxury, sports exhaust and convertible roof, surely GT car perfection? For the latest Bentley deals CLICK HERE.

Ferrari Hire Deals
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

We have the largest selection of Ferrari’s to hire in the UK at the best prices including: Portofino, 488 & F8 Spider, SF90, F40, Enzo, La Ferrari and 296 GTB. For the latest Ferrari deals CLICK HERE.

Ferrari 488 Spider
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

Sporty, ferocious and versatile, the 488 Spider is simply a modern masterpiece from the esteemed Italian manufacturer. Our bestseller by far! For the latest Ferrari 488 deals CLICK HERE.

Huracan Spyder
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The Huracan has a naturally aspirated V10 engine, 610bhp, with an exhaust that sounds like a spitfire has just flown by. Addictive!! For the latest Huracan deals CLICK HERE.

McLaren 570s
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The McLaren ‘spaceship’ 570S literally looks out of this world It gets more looks than a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Scissor doors for that A List celebrity entrance! For the latest McLaren deals CLICK HERE.

Range Rover Sport SVR
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

Choose from our 5 Litre V8 Twin Turbo Blue Range Rover SVR Carbon Edition or a Coris Grey Range Rover Autobiography with massage seats. For the latest Range Rover deals CLICK HERE.

Lamborghini Hire Deals
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

We have a range of Lamborghini’s to hire including: Performante & Evo Spyder’s, Urus,  S Roadster, SV and SVJ Coupe’s and Roadster’s. For the latest Lamborghini deals CLICK HERE.


Choose from Over 70 supercars for hire

We have one of the largest selection of supercars, hypercars, sports cars, luxury, classic and prestige cars in the UK. Click here for the full list of cars or click on a logo below: