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The new twin-turbo, 5.2-litre V12 is a mighty power plant. With outputs of 600bhp, 516lb ft and 0-60 in 3.7s. The DB11 is a completely refreshed update of the DB9 with the biggest update for Aston Martin being the interior. This GT car is perfect day to day or makes for a lovely cross-continent drive.

Externally, it’s all change.. a lean, sleek shape that’s both aerodynamic and clean, with an uninterrupted flow from nose to tail. Standout features are the new front grille, the clamshell bonnet and the dramatic new roof strake from A-pillar to C-pillar. The latter is a labour intensive, complex component but it gives the DB11 V12’s exterior a strong, bold contour that’s pure Aston Martin yet fresh.

The cabin has been reimagined, featuring a new console in a smooth sweep from dashboard through to the rear seats. The instrument cluster is a full-colour 12″ TFT display with an additional, central 8″ screen for infotainment. There’s a pleasing mix of advanced technical materials and hand-crafted upholstery with quilting, perforation and even brogueing to showcase Gaydon’s attention to detail.

To view Aston Martin’s launch video for the DB11 – Click Here

Our Verdict – “The DB11 is well balanced, beautiful looking and sounding 2+2 GT car”


Can’t decide which Aston Martin to hire? Read our handy blog to help.

Aston Martin DB11
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The DB11 is a well balanced, beautiful looking and sounding V12 4 seater GT car. Quintessentially English! Price match guarantee.

Bentley GTC V8 S
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

This GTC is the Mulliner spec with a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8, add 4 seats, sports exhaust and convertible roof, perfection? Price match guarantee.

Ferrari California T
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The new engine is a 3.9-litre instead of the old 4.3, but the fitment of two, twin-scroll turbos mean power is up by 70bhp to 552bhp. Price match guarantee.

Ferrari 488 GTB
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

Sporty, ferocious and versatile, the 488 is a modern masterpiece from the esteemed Italian manufacturer. Price match guarantee.

Huracan Spyder
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The Huracan has a naturally aspirated V10 engine, 610bhp, with an exhaust that sounds like a spitfire has just flown by. Addictive!! Price match guarantee.

McLaren 570s
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The McLaren ‘spaceship’ 570S literally looks out of this world It gets more looks than a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Says it all! Price match guarantee.

Range Rover Auto/b
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

Top of the range Autobiography…black pack, massage seats, 22” wheels, HUD, recline rear sears, rear tv screens. Fully loaded. Price match guarantee.

Aventador S
(based on 7 day hire off peak)

The ‘scissor door’ V12 daddy of Lamborghini. 60mph under 3 seconds. The ultimate / original supercar. Price match guarantee.


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